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Our Probate and Estate Administration Service


Estate Administration is the process of compiling and managing a deceased’s assets, settling any debts and distributing the remaining assets to the rightful beneficiaries. In Malaysia, the governing laws and legal procedures can be differ depending on whether the deceased has died testate or intestate (without a will).

In Yeo Law Chambers, we are able to assist our client to apply for Letter of Administration and Grant of Probate from the High Court of Malaya, thereafter to register the deceased’s properties to the rightful beneficiaries. In a situation where the deceased died intestate leaving estate with a value less than RM2 million including immovable property, we are able to assist our client to file a petition for a grant of LA with the relevant land office.

遗产管理是管理死者资产的一种过程,法律上必须要清偿任何债务并将剩余资产分配给合法受益人。 在马来西亚,所涉及的法律和程序可能会有所不同,具体取决于死者是否有立遗嘱。 在杨律师事务所, 我们能够协助客户从高等法院申请和遗嘱认证或者遗產管理书,然后将死者的财产登记给合法的受益人。在死者去世无留下遗嘱,其资产业牵涉不动产总数少过200万令吉的情况下,我们能够协助客户向相关土地办公室提出申请。