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Debt Recovery Service


Our Debt Recovery Service


Debt recovery is a legal action to recover debt from an individual, business or company in the event of their refusal or delay in payment of debt.

In Yeo Law Chambers, we are able to assist our client in recovery debt through legal proceedings. Our scope of services also include enforcement of court judgment through garnishing proceeding, writ of seizure and sales, judgment debtor summons, insolvency proceeding etc.

债务回收涵盖了向个人,企业或者公司追讨债务的法律行动。在杨律师事务所,我们不仅能够通过法律程序协助客户追回债务。 此外,我们的服务还包括协助客户通过执行法院判决追讨债务。这包括了申请冻结令,扣押和出售令,判决债务人传票令,破产程序等等。