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Corporate Drafting Services & Advisory


Our Corporate Drafting Services & Advisory Service


Corporate drafting & advisory requires a lawyer with good commercial sense equipped with an exemplary knowledge of business law.

We will first research and critically analyse our client’s needs, advising on any risks that may be involved, thereafter preparing the agreement with the terms allowed by law. We had assisted our corporate clients to prepare agreements like: partnership agreement, shareholders agreement, sales of business agreement, distributor agreement, joint venture agreement and memorandum of understanding.

公司起草和咨询服务要求具有良好商业头脑的律师具备出色的商业法知识。我们将首先研究并严格分析客户的需求,就可能涉及的任何风险提供建议,然后根据法律允许的条款准备协议。 我们曾协助公司客户准备合同如合伙协议,股东协议,生意过户协议,分销商协议和合资协议以及谅解备忘录。