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Contractual Dispute Service


Our Contractual Disputes Service


A contractual dispute typically arises when a party does not comply with the terms of a contract or does not perform his/her obligations under a contract. In such an instance, this may give rise to a claim for breach of contract.

In Yeo Law Chambers, we are able to interpret and consult our client in relation to the terms of the corporate agreements entered with other party. In the event both parties have to resort their dispute through a legal action, we are able to represent our client to argue their cases in the courts of law.

合同纠纷通常发生当合同其中一方不遵守合同条款或未履行其在合同下的义务。 在这种情况下,这就会引起另一方采取法律诉讼进行索赔。 在杨律师事务所,我们能够针对客户签署的公司协议进行解释和咨询。 如果如果合同纠纷必须上法庭处理,我们可以代表我们的客户在法庭上辩论他们的案件。